Research being undertaken by our current postgraduates.

Current postgraduates

  • Borceanu, Calin - Canonical labeling algorithms in combinatorial enumeration.

  • Lansdown, Jesse - Designs in finite geometry.

Graduated students

  • Alavi, Hassan - On triple factorisations of finite groups

  • Amarra, Carmen - Symmetric Graphs of Diameter Two

  • Corr, Brian - Computing in Matrix Groups: Constructive Recognition of Classical Groups

  • Freedman, Saul - p-groups related to exceptional groups of Lie type.

  • Gillespie, Neil - Neighbour Transitive Codes in Hamming Graphs

  • Hawtin, Daniel - Symmetry of Codes in Hamming Graphs

  • Ioppolo, Mark - Codes in Johnson graphs associated with quadratic forms over 𝔽2

  • Jin, Wei - (G,s)-geodesic transitive graphs

  • Lee, Melissa - The m-covers of generalised quadrangles and their generalisations

  • Morris, Sylvia - Symplectic translation planes, pseudo-ovals, and maximal 4-arcs

  • Pannek, Sabina - 2-generated irreducible subgroups of quasi-simple groups

  • Rao, Guang - Finite groups with fixed-point-free automorphisms and vertex-transitive self-complementary graphs

  • Rosa, Kyle - Bounds for Semiprimitive Permutation Groups

  • Xu, Yian - Some problems on the automorphism group of Cayley graphs

  • Zhang, Hua - Finite primitive groups with soluble stabilizers, with applications in graph theory

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