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Newsletter, September 2014

Recent and upcoming visitors

  • Jin-Xin Zhou, Beijing Jiaotong University, China, 16 November 2013 - 16 November 2014.

  • Bill Ungar, University of Sydney, Australia, 21-25 July 2014.

  • Anne Thomas, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom, 28 July - 2 August 2014.

  • Hassan Alavi, Bu-Ali Sina University, Iran, September - October 2014.

  • Martin Liebeck, Imperial College, United Kingdom, 2 October - 8 November 2014.

  • Tim Penttila, Colorado State University, USA, 12-23 January 2015.

  • Aspire UWA, which is an outreach program to schools from low socio-economic areas, organised a camp for year 9 and 10 students in July and August. The School of Mathematics and Statistics ran 1.5 hour activities on "Optimisation" and on "Codes and Cryptography". Some of the sessions were facilitated by CMSC members John Bamberg, Alice Devillers, Joanna Fawcett and Michael Giudici.

  • Jia Xiale from The University of Science and Technology of China undertook an 8 week research project with Joanna Fawcett and Michael Giudici as part of the UWA-USTC research training program (7 July - 29 August).

  • Cheryl Praeger attended the IMU Executive Committee meetings and the General Assembly of the International Mathematical Union in Gyeongju, South Korea (9-14 August).

  • Cheryl Praeger was the chair of the IMU Mathematics in Emerging Nations: Achievements and Opportunities Symposium in Seoul, South Korea (12 August).

  • Cheryl Praeger attended the International Congress of Mathematicians in Seoul, South Korea (13-21 August).

  • Cheryl Praeger was an Australian voting delegate at the General Assembly of the International Council for Science in Auckland, New Zealand (30 August - 4 September).

  • Guang Rao submitted his PhD thesis with title "Vertex-Transitive Self-complementary Graphs" (8 September).

  • The Special ICM edition of Springer's Mathematical Intelligencer contained an interview with Cheryl Praeger by Ragni Piene.

  • John Bamberg was part of the development team for the GAP package FinInG which has just been submitted for review.


SymOmega is a mathematical blog run by three CMSC members: John Bamberg, Michael Giudici and Gordon Royle.


Ljubljana - Leoben Graph Theory Seminar 2014, Koper, Slovenia, 3-5 September 2014.

Gabriel Verret gave a talk.

Finite Geometries 2014 - Fourth Irsee Conference, Irsee, Germany, 14-20 September 2014.

Daniel Hawtin, Mark Ioppolo and Eric Swartz gave talks.

Thirty-Second Annual Victorian Algebra Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 2-3 October 2014.

Michael Giudici will attend.

Algorithms for Linear Groups (14w5031), Banff, Canada, 16-21 November 2014.

Cheryl Praeger is an invited speaker. Alice Niemeyer is also invited.

Many CMSC members will attend.

8th Australia New Zealand Mathematics Convention, Melbourne, Australia, 8-12 December 2014.

Many CMSC members will attend.


Published papers

  1. J. Bamberg, N. Gill, T. P. Hayes, H. A. Helfgott, Á. Seress and P. Spiga, Bounds on the diameter of Cayley graphs of the symmetric group, J.Algebraic Combin. 40 (2014) 1-22.

  2. M. DeVos, D. Funk and I. Pivotto, When does a biased graph come from a group labelling?, Adv. in Appl. Math. 61 (2014) 1-18.

  3. C. H. Li and X. Li, On permutation groups of degree a product of two prime-powers, Comm. Algebra 42 (2014) 4722–4743.

  4. C. H. Li, J. Pan, S. J. Song and D. Wang, A characterization of a family of edge-transitive metacirculant graphs, J. Combin. Theory Ser. B 107 (2014) 12–25.

  5. J. Morris, P. Spiga and G. Verret, Automorphisms of Cayley graphs on generalised dicyclic groups, Eur. J. Combin. 43 (2015) 68-81.

  6. A. C. Niemeyer and C. E. Praeger, Elements in finite classical groups whose powers have large 1-Eigenspaces, Discrete Math. Theor. Comput. Sci. 16 (2014) 303-312.

  7. P. Potočnik, P. Spiga and G. Verret, On the order of arc-stabilisers in arc-transitive graphs with prescribed local group, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 366 (2014) 3729-3745.

  8. P. Spiga and G. Verret, On intransitive graph-restrictive permutation groups, J. Algebraic Combin. 40 (2014) 179-185.

Accepted Papers

  1. A. Alahmadi, S. Karadeniz, B. Yildiz, C. E. Praeger and P. Sole, Centraliser Codes, accepted in Linear Algebra Appl.

  2. J. Bamberg, S. P. Glasby and E. Swartz, AS-configurations and skew-translation generalised quadrangles, accepted in J. Algebra.

  3. J. Bamberg, S. P. Glasby, T. Popiel and C. E. Praeger, Generalised quadrangles and transitive pseudo-hyperovals, accepted in J. Combin. Des.

  4. M. Conder, C. H. Li and P. Potočnik, On the orders of arc-transitive graphs, accepted in J. Algebra.

  5. A. Devillers, W. Jin, C. H. Li and C. E. Praeger, On the transitivities of graph, accepted in Discrete Math.

  6. A. Devillers, W. Jin, C. H. Li and C. E. Praeger, Finite 2-geodesic transitive graphs of prime valency, accepted in J. Graph Theory.

  7. E. Dobson, A. Hujdurović, M. Milanič and G. Verret, Vertex-transitive CIS graphs, accepted in Eur. J. Combin.

  8. M. Giudici and L. Morgan, A class of semiprimitive groups that are graph-restrictive, accepted in Bull. London Math. Soc.

  9. S. P. Glasby, C. E. Praeger and B. Xia, Decomposing modular tensor products: "Jordan partitions", their parts and p-parts, accepted in Israel J. Math.

  10. C. H. Li, Á. Seress and S. J. Song, s-arc-transitive graphs and normal subgroups, accepted in J. Algebra.

  11. J. Morris, P. Spiga and G. Verret, Automorphisms of Cayley graphs on generalised dicyclic groups, accepted in Eur. J. Combin.

  12. A. C. Niemeyer and M. F. Newman, On complexity of multiplication in finite soluble groups, accepted in J. Algebra.

  13. P. Potočnik, P. Spiga and G. Verret, A census of 4-valent half-arc-transitive graphs and arc-transitive digraphs of valence two, accepted in Ars. Math. Contemp.

  14. P. Potočnik, P. Spiga and G. Verret, Bounding the order of the vertex-stabiliser in 3-valent vertex-transitive and 4-valent arc-transitive graphs, accepted in J. Combin. Theory Ser. B.

Submitted papers

  1. J. A. Al-bar, A. N. Al-kenani, N. M. Muthana and C. E. Praeger, Finite edge-transitive oriented graphs of valency four: a global approach.

  2. J. Bamberg, A. Devillers, J. B. Fawcett and C. E. Praeger, Locally triangular graphs and rectagraphs with symmetry. arXiv:1407.8312.

  3. J. Bamberg and T. Penttila, A geometric proof of Wedderburn's Theorem.

  4. P. J. Cameron and C. E Praeger, Constructing flag-transitive, point-imprimitive designs. arxiv: 1408.6598.

  5. A. Devillers and C. E Praeger, Pairwise transitive 2-designs. arXiv:1405.3030.

  6. N. Gillespie and C. E. Praeger, Characterisation of a family of neighbour transitive codes. arXiv: 1405.5427.

  7. M. Giudici, A. Ivanov, L. Morgan and C. E Praeger, A characterisation of the sporadic simple groups M_24 and He. arXiv:1405.3416.

  8. M. Martis, J. Bamberg, and S. Morris, An enumeration of certain projective ternary two-weight codes and their relationship to the cubic Segre variety. arXiv:1406.6748

  9. L. Morgan, P. Spiga and G. Verret, On the order of Borel subgroups of group amalgams and an application to locally-transitive graphs. arXiv:1406.1370.

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