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Newsletter, January 2015


  • Cheryl Praeger was awarded the George Szekeres Medal of the Australian Mathematical Society.

  • Alice Niemeyer has left UWA to take up a Professorial position at Maynooth University, Ireland.

  • Michael Giudici was promoted from Level C to Level D.

  • Guang Rao (supervised by Cai-Heng Li, Gordon Royle and Shu-Jiao Song) has passed his Ph.D. subject to minor revisions.

  • Melissa Lee (supervised by John Bamberg and Eric Swartz) and Michael Martis (supervised by Gordon Royle) received First Class Honours.

  • Colva Roney-Dougal (University of St. Andrews, Scotland) is the recipient of the first Cheryl E. Praeger Visiting Research Fellowship.

  • Michael Giudici, Cai-Heng Li and Gabriel Verret were awarded an ARC Discovery Project grant, entitled "Symmetries of Finite Digraphs", 2015-2017.

  • Michael Giudici received a UWA Vice-Chancellorís Mid-Career Research Award.

  • Gabriel Verret received a UWA Vice-Chancellorís Research Award for Early Career Investigators.

  • Cheryl Praeger gave a keynote presentation at the National Mathematics Summer School (NMSS) WA Orientation, Rossmoyne Senior High School, 25 October 2014, entitled "Opportunities and Adventures in Mathematics".

  • The WA Junior Mathematics Olympiad (WAJO) took place on 1 November 2014. Several CMSC members volunteered.

  • Cheryl Praeger gave a presentation about WAJO at the Scotch College final assembly, 5 December 2014.

  • Stephen Glasby is managing editor and Cheryl Praeger is co-editor of a special volume of the Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society dedicated to Laci Kovács.

  • Luke Morgan visited Marston Conder at the University of Auckland, 23-29 November 2014, and gave a talk entitled "Locally transitive graphs and their vertex stabilisers" in the Algebra Seminar Series.

  • 2014 Inter-Academy Seoul Science Forum, 12-13 November 2014. Cheryl Praeger represented the Australian Academy of Science, contributed to a round table discussion on "Science for Creative Economy", and participated in theCelebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST).

  • Showcase of Modern Mathematics, 3 November 2014. Approximately 200 year 9-10 students attended the School of Mathematics and Statisticsí main outreach event, which consisted of six activities: Nim and game theory (Alice Devillers and Joanna Fawcett), Codes and ciphers (Michael Giudici and Michael Small), Making the best of it (John Bamberg and Michael Martis), Counting M&Ms (Julie Marsh), Fractals (Thomas Stemler), An introduction to Mathematica (Blake Segler and Duncan Beckham). Shreya Bhattarai also gave a talk on the use of mathematics in his profession. The event was supported by the faculty external relations team, especially Zahra Mansurali and Rose Nightingale, and several members of the UWA Mathematics Union were group leaders for the activities.

Recent and upcoming visitors
  • Colva Roney-Dougal (University of St. Andrews, Scotland), 10-31 January 2015.

  • Tim Penttila (Colorado State University, USA), 12-23 January 2015.

  • Seyed Hassan Alavi (Bu-Ali Sina University, Iran), 21 January-20 February 2015.

  • Frederico Augusto (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil), February-May 2015.

  • Zhe Liu (Zhejiang University, China), 1 April-31 May 2015.

  • Jason Semeraro (University of Bristol, UK), 7-28 April 2015.

  • Bart De Bruyn (Ghent University, Belgium), April 2015.

CMSC Retreat

The fourth annual CMSC retreat will be held over three days in February. This year, CMSC members, visitors and students will depart to Yanchep, north of Perth. We are looking forward to engaging with interesting research projects and learning something new in the organised lecture series. We also anticipate some enjoyable social time together in the evenings and in sports activities.


SymOmega is a mathematical blog run by CMSC members John Bamberg, Michael Giudici and Gordon Royle.


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