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Newsletter, September 2017

Buildings and Symmetry

The workshop "Buildings and Symmetry", Monday 25th September to Friday 29th September 2017, will be hosted at the School of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Western Australia, as part of the activities of the Centre for the Mathematics of Symmetry and Computation. The theme of the workshop is relatively broad, including any aspects of buildings and related objects - although as indicated by the title there is an emphasis on symmetries/group theory/Lie theory aspects. Organisers: Alice Devillers (local organiser), Bernhard Mühlherr, James Parkinson, and Hendrik Van Maldeghem.


  • The annual CMSC ECR paper prize was awarded to Melissa Lee's paper "A new infinite family of hemisystems of the Hermitian surface" to appear in Combinatorica. This is joint with John Bamberg, Koji Momihara and Qing Xiang.

  • John Bamberg and Kyle Rosa have been involved in running activities for school students by the School of Mathematics and Statistics. We have run sessions for Cape Naturaliste College (June 7), Churchlands SHS (July 24), Aspire UWA (May 4 and August 23).

  • Alice Devillers has joined the AMOC Senior Problems Committee (National Maths Olympiad Problem Committee).

  • Alice Devillers is now an editor for Innovations in Incidence Geometry: Algebraic, Topological and Combinatorial (previously Innovations in Incidence Geometry, now with a new publisher)

  • Michael Giudici is now an Associate Editor of the Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society.

  • John Bamberg is now an editor for Advances in Geometry.

  • Our Co-tutelle PhD student Sabina Pannek (UWA and RWTH Aachen) visited 12-31 May. Sabina now lives in Bremen with her family.

  • It was good to have Sherry Seress visit for the first half of June.

  • Weixi Wang from Nanjing University visited in July and August as part of a six-week research placement program: UWA International Short Term Research Training Program. He was supervised by John Bamberg in a project relating to the foundations of hyperbolic geometry.

  • Luke Morgan will visit Jin Xin Zhou (Beijing Jiaotong University) in September. He will give a talk in the Algebra Seminar entitled "Locally semiprimitive vertex-transitive graphs"

  • Congratulations to Hui Zhou, our former visiting student, for receiving his PhD from Peking University! Hui visited UWA from October 2015 to April 2017 and is now a postdoc at Peking University.

  • Daniel Hawtin has submitted his PhD thesis. Congratulations, Dan!

  • Tomasz Popiel has accepted an extension of his lectureship at Queen Mary, London, and so has resigned from his research associate position in CMSC. We are sorry to see him go.

  • Alexander Bors will be a visiting research fellow for two years from October funded by the Austrian Science Foundation.

  • Binzhou Xia will take up a lectureship at The University of Melbourne in November 2017. We wish him the very best and look forward to developing a new link with The University of Melbourne!

  • The University of Western Australia has recognised Cheryl Praeger’s immense contribution to the University by naming a Lecture Room in her honour. In June the Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences held an event to celebrate the opening of this room. An excellent lunch was provided and speeches were made by our Head of School Lyle Noakes, the Faculty Dean John Dell and by Cheryl herself. Then the ceremonial ribbon was cut and the "Cheryl Praeger Lecture Room" was declared open for Mathematics!

Groups and Combinatorics Seminars


SymOmega is a mathematical blog run by CMSC members John Bamberg, Michael Giudici and Gordon Royle.


  • Summer School on Finite Geometry, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, 26-30 June 2017. Jesse Lansdown attended.

  • All Kinds of Mathematics Remind me of You: Conference to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Peter J. Cameron, Lisbon, Portugal, 24-27 July 2017. Michael Giudici and Cheryl Praeger were invited speakers. Stephen Glasby, Luke Morgan, Tomasz Popiel, Gordon Royle and Binzhou Xia attended.

  • Graph Embeddings and Maps on Surfaces, Podbanské, Slovakia, 30 July-4 August, 2017. Cheryl Praeger was an invited speaker. Michael Giudici, Luke Morgan and Binzhou Xia gave talks.

  • Groups St Andrews 2017, Birmingham, UK, 5-13 August 2017. Michael Giudici, Stephen Glasby, Luke Morgan, Tomasz Popiel, Cheryl Praeger and Binzhou Xia attended. In fact, several former members of the CMSC were also present at the conference: Joanna Fawcett, Melissa Lee, Simon Smith and his partner Clara Finley, Tomasz Popiel, Eric Swartz, Gabriel Verret. We also met with a new member to arrive in October: Alexander Bors. It was a great pleasure to see everyone!


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