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Newsletter, August 2019


Alex Bors was presented with the Kirkman medal by the ICA at the 27th British Combinatorial Conference (BCC) at the University of Birmingham, 29 July - 2 August. Congratulations Alex!

Cheryl represented the Australian Academy of Science at the centenary celebrations of the first admission of fellows into the Royal Society of New Zealand Te Aparengi, Wellington NZ, 14-15 February.

Earlier this year, Luke Morgan, a former member of the CMSC, accepted the position of Assistant Professor at the University of Primorska.

Cheryl was the Australian voting delegate at the General Assembly of the InterAcademy Partnership, and also attended Executive Board meetings for the IAP-Science, and the IAP-Policy, and the 2019 IAP Conference “Science and the sustainable development goals: the role of academies”, in Incheon, Korea, 8-12 April.

Emilio Pierro came to the end of his 12-month Research Associate position with Cheryl Praeger and Stephen Glasby, and he has returned to the UK to work to the London School of Economics.

Jesse Lansdown (a PhD student of John Bamberg and Gordon Royle) has recently completed a Foundations of Tertiary Teaching course run by UWA.

Cheryl Praeger Visiting Research Fellow

The 2020 fellow will be Jan De Beule from Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Jan will be visiting in July and August next year, and we look forward to welcoming him.

CMSC ECR Paper Prize

The 2019 paper prize was awarded to Alex Bors for his paper “Finite groups with a large automorphism orbit”. Congratulations (again) Alex!


For an up to date list of visitors, see here.

  • Stephen Glasby visited Luke Morgan at the University of Primorska, 15-22 June.

  • Hassan Alavi and Ashraf Daneshkah are visiting from Bu-Ali Sina University in Hamedan, Iran from 8th July to 8th September.

  • Stephen visited Eamonn O'Brien at the University of Auckland, 2-16 August, and gave the Algebra and Combinatorics seminar "Automorphism of p-groups".

  • Nemanja Poznanovic (a PhD student from the University of Melbourne) will visit for two weeks in late October until early November.

Conjectures and Solutions

Stephen Glasby recently made a conjecture regarding an ordering of cyclotomic polynomials, and this has been solved by Pomerance and Rubinstein-Salzedo (see here).



Published papers

  • John Bamberg, Stephen P. Glasby, Luke Morgan and Alice Niemeyer. Corrigendum: Maximal linear groups induced on the Frattini quotient of a p-group. J. Pure Appl. Algebra 223 (2019), 5428-5429. doi

  • John Bamberg, Tomasz Popiel and Cheryl E Praeger. Simple groups, product actions, and generalized quadrangles. Nagoya Math. J. 234 (2019), 87-126. doi

  • Alice Devillers, Scott Harper and Luke Morgan. The distinguishing number of quasiprimitive and semiprimitive groups. Archiv der Mathematik 113 (2019), 127-139. doi

  • Michael Giudici, Cai Heng Li and Binzhou Xia. Vertex-primitive s-arc-transitive digraphs of linear groups. J. Pure Appl. Algebra 223 (2019), 5455-5483. doi

  • Stephen P. Glasby, Cheryl E Praeger and Binzhou Xia. 'Norman involutions' and tensor products of unipotent Jordan blocks. Israel J. Math. 230 (2019), 153-181. doi

  • Moharram Iradmusa and Cheryl E Praeger. Derangement action digraphs and graphs. European J. Combin. 80 (2019), 361-372. doi

  • Geoffrey Pearce and Cheryl E Praeger. Generalised Paley graphs with a product structure. Annals of Combin. 23 (2019), 171-182. doi

  • Nemanja Poznanovic and Cheryl E Praeger. Biquasiprimitive oriented graphs of valency four. In 2017 MATRIX Annals. Editors: David Wood, Jan de Gier, Cheryl E. Praeger and Terence Tao. Springer Nature Switzerland AG (2019), 337-341. doi

Accepted papers

  • John Bamberg and Klaus Metsch. On intriguing sets of the Penttila-Williford association scheme. Linear Algebra and its Applications (to appear). arXiv

  • John Bamberg, Saul D. Freedman and Luke Morgan. On p-groups with automorphism groups related to the Chevalley group G_2(p). Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society (to appear). arXiv

  • John Bamberg, Arun Ram and Jon Xu. The thickness of Schubert cells as incidence structures. Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society (to appear). arXiv

  • Daniela Bubboloni, Cheryl E. Praeger and Pablo Spiga. Linear bounds for the normal covering number of the symmetric and alternating groups. Monatsh. Math. Published online: March 2019. doi

  • Alice Devillers and Stephen P. Glasby. Roots of unity and unreasonable differentiation. Archiv der Mathematik (to appear). arXiv

  • Michael Giudici, Cai Heng Li and Yian Xu. Constructing 2-Arc-Transitive Covers of Hypercubes. Graphs and Combinatorics (to appear). doi

  • Stephen P. Glasby. Classifying uniformly generated groups. Commun. Algebra (to appear). arXiv

  • Stephen P. Glasby, Frederico A. M. Ribeiro and Csaba Schneider. Duality between p-groups with three characteristic subgroups and semisimpleanti-commutative algebras. Proc. R. Soc. Edinb. Published online by Cambridge University Press: 25 February 2019. doi

  • Cheryl E. Praeger, Jacqui Ramagge and George Willis. A graph-theoretic description of scale-multiplicative semigroups of automorphisms. Accepted 24 June 2019. arXiv

Submitted papers

  • John Bamberg, Stephen P. Glasby, Scott Harper and Cheryl E. Praeger. Permutations with orders coprime to a given integer. arXiv

  • John Bamberg, Cai-Heng Li and Eric Swartz. A classification of finite locally 2-transitive generalized quadrangles. arXiv

  • Alexander Bors and Aner Shalev. Words, permutations, and the nonsolvable length of a finite group. arXiv

  • Alice Devillers, Michael Giudici and Wei Jin. Arc-transitive bicirculants. arXiv

  • Stephen P. Glasby, Emilio Pierro and Cheryl E. Praeger. Point-primitive generalised hexagons and octagons and projective linear groups.

  • Wei Jin and Cheryl E. Praeger. Finite 2-arc-transitive strongly regular graphs and 3-geodesic-transitive graphs. Submitted April 2, 2019. arXiv

  • Nemanja Poznanovic and Cheryl E. Praeger. Four-valent oriented graphs of biquasiprimitive type. Submitted February 28, 2019. arXiv

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